what is the benefit of buying the premium starter kit?

The Premium Starter Kit contains a diffuser, 11 Essential Oils, Samples, a magazine and much more. The value of the products is $300 but as a new member your cost begins at $160. You can't beat that deal!


is it difficult to reorder?

Reordering is easy using the Virtual Office. We created a video that shows you the process, step-by-step here.


how can i get free stuff?

Aahh... That is always THE question. Young Living's monthly promotions are designed to help you maximize your returns when placing an order. We've laid it all out in this video.



Essential Rewards is Young Living's autoship program. It is a flexible program that rewards you for participation and makes ordering easy. You can order whatever you want, whenever you want and cancel anytime without penalty.


what are the benefits of essential rewards?

Members are rewarded a percent of each Essential Reward PV that can be used toward future purchases. Reward point percentages are based upon the number of consecutive months of continued enrollment. Plus, loyal Essential Rewards members get exclusive gifts when they consecutively order for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months—and beyond.


What are the earning percentages of essential rewards?

Consecutive Months
of Enrollment
Old ER
Earning %
Consecutive Months
of Enrollment
New ER
Earning %
1 - 6 10% 1-3 10%
7 - 12 15% 4 - 24 20%
12+ 20% 25+ 25%