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Savvy Minerals Makeup

I was a sceptic about this new product, but no longer am.  I know that I am now using something that is much better for me, and is easy to use, still with a great look.

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I Ain't Got Thyme For That Body Scrub

Nourish your skin with this lovely lemon thyme body scrub.

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No more acne

Reduce blemishes by using a drop of Lemon Essential Oil.

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Tell Me Yours Dreams; I'll Tell You Mine

What do you dream of? Is it a big house? Is it a new car? How about financial freedom or world peace or the end of cancer?

Do you dream of it all the time? Is this something that you come back to every day or even every hour in your mind?

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The Dazzling Dozen, Part Twelve (Finale)

I love the homemade Sweet and Sassy Hair Tonic from The Chemical Free Home. It's great. I've recently discovered Sally Hershberger's 24K. I love it. It holds the style of my hair without weighing it down. Easy, peasy, done.

So we've been on this "beauty" journey for 12 posts now. As long as that seems, there is SOOO much more we could talk about. But, I'm not going to. Not for a while.

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The Dazzling Dozen, Part Eleven

Anyway, I want to take a moment to talk about after-shower skin care. We've talked moisturizers for our faces.

By the way -- excuse me for interrupting myself -- in the morning I moisturize right after the shower while my face is clean and my pores are happy. Some days I have extra happy pores because I have used my face scrub that day. But I digress.

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The Dazzling Dozen, Part Ten

I've made lots of different body washes and soap over the past few years. They are easy and fun and empowering. Who doesn't want to feel empowered by knowing every ingredient that is in the stuff you put on your  body?

I usually limit my shower selection (that is what is IN the shower, not what I have as extra) to one bar of soap and two-ish body washes. I love the Young Living bar soaps. They last forever, keep my skin moisturized and are full of good ingredients.

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The Dazzling Dozen, Part Nine

There are oh so many body scrubs. I can whip these out faster than you can say valar morghulis (thank you, Game of Thrones). There are so many DIY variations that are simple and fun that you are limited only by your imagination.

Three of these beauties are in my shower right now. The cocoa scrub I mentioned a few weeks ago sits among some store bought favorites: Almond and Honey body scrub by Tree Hut and Crushed Carbernet scrub by Caudalie. I haven't opened the Sea Salt + Sugar scrub from Honest Co yet because, really, I must show a modicum of self control.

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The Dazzling Dozen Part Eight

I guess I was living in a cave before, honing my blade on a rock, because this stuff is amazing. It softens the skin while it lubricates your razor. The combination results in a clean, smooth shave and soft skin.

I use Organic Shave Oil by the Honest Company. Also pictured is Mirah Shave Oil by Young Living. I actually bought Mirah for my husband and have not used it myself. He likes it a lot.

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The Dazzling Dozen, Part Seven

Now, you all know that sulfates and phthalates are not good for your hair. Sulfates (known officially by the real name of sodium laureth sulfate) help your shampoo to lather; they may also pose a significant risk to your health. Is that lather worth it? I say no. While phthalates, commonly used to harden plastics, are often used in synthetic fragrance and are also regarded as a health risk.

I want you to be healthy. YOU want you to be healthy. Let's be healthy together.

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