The Dazzling Dozen, Part Nine

I hope you are not tiring of this series. I have been having fun sharing and I'm crossing my fingers you've picked up something that helps you. Today takes us 3/4 of the way through the series as I talk about an essential in my shower: body scrub.

There are oh so many body scrubs. I can whip these out faster than you can say valar morghulis (thank you, Game of Thrones). There are so many DIY variations that are simple and fun that you are limited only by your imagination.

Three of these beauties are in my shower right now. The cocoa scrub I mentioned a few weeks ago sits among some store bought favorites: Almond and Honey body scrub by Tree Hut and Crushed Carbernet scrub by Caudalie. I haven't opened the Sea Salt + Sugar scrub from Honest Co yet because, really, I must show a modicum of self control.

Why body scrub? It sloughs of dead skin better than your scrubbie (which you should replace at least once a month, my friends). It moisturizes the biggest organ on your body. And it smells good.

Get in, scrub up, feel great. The. End.

Tomorrow I'll be moving on to soaps and shower gels. Smiles!